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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Files disappear in while loop


I have an app where I am trying to create a future cash flow. The data set is several files where each row has a start and an end date. I then create a monthly calendar from start date to end date for each contract like below:

[Main data]:



FROM [lib:\\Qlik\*.xlsx];

// Some join tables to get all dates and information in the same table.

a = varMinDate

do while a <= varMaxDate



RESIDENT [Main Data]



My issue is that during the loop, all information from the files after the first seems to be lost after the loop. I thought all data was stored in the resident table, but it seems that the loop stops after it reach the last row in the first file.

Any idea on how to solve this?

1 Reply

I think it has nothing to do with loading data from a resident table else with your variablen-assignment and the loop-logic. Therefore I suggest to check the variables and number of loop-iterations with TRACE statements which will be displayed within the progress-window and the log-file.

- Marcus