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Filter rows in Pivot table based on Areas selected in a filter.

I have National and Area view button  0 is national and 1 is Area and the variable tNationalRegion is set to 0.


I have the pivot table changing between National and Area view. In the Area view the dimensions are Area, Measure Group and measure. Here are the expressions for Previous Report Year.

if ($(tNationalRegion) = 0,

If(Dimensionality()<=1+$(tNationalRegion), '',

               Only({<Flg_Fact={'Dashboard'}, [Fac Area Name]=, [CRS Version] = {'$(vCRS_VER)'},Flg_National={$(=$(tNationalRegion))}>} [Previous Report Year Target])),


If(Dimensionality()<=1+$(tNationalRegion), '', Only({<Flg_National={$(tNationalRegion)}>} [Previous Report Year Target]) )).

When we select Areas from filter ( CA, GA, NA) the pivot table should display rows for these areas selected and it should not display rows  for the remaining areas which are null . Please help me with the expressions. Attached excel for your reference

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Contributor III

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