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GANTT CHART - Without Extension - Show gaps between processes


i`ve created a GANTT-Chart without extensions- 


  • Start: min(Start_Date)
  • Duration: Sum(End_Date - Start_Date)

As dimension i`ve used "Plant".

Now i would like to display if and when a plant is occupied or not. It`s not relevant for me which product is produced in that plant. 

As you can see my GANTT-Chart doesn`t show the time-periods where the plant if free between two processes. 

Additionally it sums  up all processes which are in that plant at the same time (Plant: 7 East). But it doesn`t make sense. Do i have to use a "distinct-expression"?

Do i have wrong measures and how can i solve it?


Attached you can find the data and the Chart.


Thank you!






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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Did you get solution for this? If yes then could you please share steps for this?

Thanks in advance.

Specialist III
Specialist III

Because of the 14 East factory, this is a dual between the SQL version of Packing Intervals along with Islands-and-Gaps.  Both are kind of obnoxious to solve.

This problem looks easy, but can become pretty involved.