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Contributor II
Contributor II

Get result from a range of dates in differents months

I have a problem when I'm selecting a range of dates with diferents months: 

This is the datepicker:



And I have this chart: 



with this expression:

Sum({<Año = {$(vAñoAct)},Mes = P(Mes), Dia= P(Dia), FechaCompleta>}NetoFacturado)/1e3

I noticed it that when I´m doing this, the days selected are considered within Jun and Jul. I mean Jun 20th to 30th are being considered in Jul as well then Im having more money. The same thing with Jul 1st to 20th.


Thank you.




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Community Manager
Community Manager

@Michael_Tarallo @Wlad_Masi @ian_wilson .  Would you guys please look at this and answer if you can or point this to someone who might be able to.  Thank you in advance

Sue Macaluso