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How to calculate the Market Share based on multiple dimensions in Line chart in QlikSense

Hello Guys,


I have a requirement to show the sales of the Brand  Year wise, Month Wise and Week wise in a line chart in Qliksense.

I have created Year, Month and Week dimensions in the script and I have used them as one dimension to show conditionally based on the Year, Month and Week button selected. and I have used another dimension as Brand with a simple expression of Sum(Sales). And i have a vizlib filter to have the list of Products, and always one product is selected.

Now the chart will show me the sales of the Product brand wise based on Year, month & week dimensions selected.


I need to show the market share of the brand as well in another chart with the same dimensions, Means When the prduct is selected from the product list the chart show show the Year wise/Month Wise/Week Wise (Based on buttion selected) and Brand wise Market share.

For EG. If a product  has three brands like brand1, Brand2, Brand3 and when this product is selected the brands market share should be shown in the chart

How much market share does Brand 1 holds out of total three brands sales, Brand 2 holds out of total three brands sales, Brand3 holds out of total three brands sales.


Attached is the sample excel file.. Kindly help me to overcome this task.


Best  Regards,


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Partner - Master

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Partner - Creator

Hello Martin,


Thanks for your response, but i am new to qlik and i am not able to grasp the details in the link provided by you. Could you please help me with an example chart that explains it.


Thanks in advance for your help.

BEst REgards,