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How to change the color of different trend in a graph manually?

Hello everybody,
I am going to change the color of each trend(trend number 3,trend number 7, and trend number 14) to my favourite color in the graph below, I do not know whether i should change the sql code or write a script in qlik, if I should write a code in qlik I do not know whether I should add script in the Data part or in the Color part , I mean changing to my favourite color according to the expression, and I do not know how to define the color in script...   I would be thankful if somebody gives a hint,
The photo is attached.


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Create a master dimension with this dimension of yours

once created, edit it, and then you can choose the color of each of the values of your dim : 3 , 7 and 14.

Once finished, just drag it on your chart and choose color by dimension

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Thanks for your reply, I added(by drag and drop) the graph to the master items(is this how we create Master Items ?)
and i wanted to edit the master items but i couldn't apply different color,
sorry could you please explain how to create master item for my dimensions ? Thanks


No create a master Dimension not the graph.

reread my message please