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Contributor III
Contributor III

How to give measure condition inside the existing dimension

Hi All,

Please help me with this.

I have if condition in my load editor. I need to include one more measure condition inside it.

If Condition - IF(MAX(TaskStatus)> 1 , MAX(TaskStatus),MIN(TaskStatus)) AS StatusID 

// Taskstatus is  a column with values (0 - open | 1 - complete | 2 - partial| 3 - done)

I need to include below measure, inside that if condition.

IF(TaskStatus = 1 AND CompletionDate <= (Duedate+7),  1,  0)  AS  t7.  /// Iam unable to use this TaskStatus column directly into that if condition, because of not having aggr function(Max,Min..) for this. Since the above if condtion has groupby clause.


Please help me with this. 


Thanks in advance!


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