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Contributor III
Contributor III

KPI Not Changing with Filter Selection

I have built a KPI with Set expression, but that KPI is not changing with filter selection, It is completely static. What I want is that the KPI should change with filter selection and should respective values. I have also used $ for dynamic.  For example, if month filter is selected then it should change the values and show values for the selected month, rather than being completely static I want KPI to be dynamic. 

The Code I used for that KPI is 

=Sum({$<Comapny_name = {'Hitachi'}>}PAGE_VIEWS)


Please if anyone can help me in this. This is really an urgent requirement 

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Champion III
Champion III

Two things to check

1) Is your Data associated correctly?? are the filters applied to a table which is not associated to the table which is the source for this measure

2) Check for alternate states : is the Filter applied to an alternate state and the KPI object is in default state or  vice versa??

Vineeth Pujari
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