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Large tables and variables


I'm conpletely new to Qlik and learning Qlik Sense Desktop atm for a project and have a few questions:

1) As far as I can tell there is no good way to display large tables (15-20+ columns) in a straight table? The option to swap columns in and out seems clunky and uncomfortable. A horizontal scroll would be awesome!

2) What would be a good way to display detailed data: let's say I have some kind of list of contracts and besides quantity \ sums I need to display some properties of each one (not all of them numeric) ?

3) Is there a way to pass user input into a sql stored procedure? For example: passing the year which you want to look at. Or is it done by creating different apps for different ranges of data?

p.s.: atm working exclusively in the desktop app, if the clients likes what we can do with it then we'll be buying etc.

p.p.s: thanks in advance!

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1)Tables with many columns does not have to result in a clunky design. You can always find a way to display the data with some creativity. Moreover, You can always creat an extension to suit your need with qliksense. Also the mashup utility is a great one. Keep in mind the level of creative design and flexibility angular and d3.js can give you. Explore extensions in the qlik branch website.

2) Loads of examples out there

3) Direct query is good feature in qliksense which gives you the ability to trgger database queries.

I suggest you explore qliksense features and examples.