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Line Plot X-Axis Manipulation

I have a line plot that deals with employee pay.  The x-axis shows the pay dates (2 pay periods per month) and the problem I've run into is this: the earliest pay date in my data begins in October 2021, yet the line chart has labels for July, August and September of 2021 on the x-axis.  Yet, when I hover over the data that appears to occur in July, the tool tip displays the correct date of October.

I experimented with un-selecting the continuous axis, but this overplots the pay dates and is visually distracting.  

Any ideas on how I can mitigate this issue?  If I could get Qlik Sense to remove the three months in 2021 that do not exist in my data, I would love to learn how.  

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You mentioned your line chart is showing July, August and September of 2021 on the x-axis even though you don't have data against those months, I feel you have some code in your script generating those months, do you use master calendar in your script? What if you show exact pay date as a 2nd dimension in your chart, I feel it should show two entries per month and it won't overlap I think.

Please share sample app to try few things on your chart..