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Partner - Creator

Make an app invisible to a user

Hi, I have the following problem:

I have many users (e.g. UserA, UserB, UserC...) and streams (Stream1, Stream2, Stream3...)

Stream1 should be visible only to UserA and UserB  (so in the Stream security rules I have a rule to manage this)

But in Stream1 I have many apps (app1, app2)

How can I make App1 visibile to all users that can access to Stream1 but App2 visible only to User1 and not to User2?

I tried section access, but with section access User2 can't open App1 but he still see that App1 exists, I would like to make it invisible.


Stream1 ---> visible to User1 and User2

    App1 ---> visible only to User1

    App2 ---> visible both User1 and User2

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Please review the below link on security rules and custom properties.

1. Security rules example: Access to stream by user attributes

2. Qlik Sense Stream Management Security Rules and Exception Management
Champion III
Champion III

Use CustomProperties for this, refer the articles posted by @Ray_Strother 


for example

1) Create a custom property for Users &  Apps call it :  AppGroups  with Values App1,App2,App3


2) Create a Security Rule for App Access: like  App.AppGroup = User.AppGroup (refer url posted for security rules)s



Tag app App1 with AppGroup = App1

Tag app App2 with AppGroup = App2



Tag User1 with AppGroup = App1,App2   <-- User1 will have access to both App1 and App2

Tag User2 with AppGroup = App2   <-- User2 will only be able to view App2






Vineeth Pujari
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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Can you please provide me an example for step2? What should I chek in this?

I have Qlik Sense Nov2023