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Contributor III
Contributor III

Need logic for Data range picker

Hi all,  it would be really grateful if anyone can help me with below requirement for Date range picker requirement. 

Below is the data showing website visitor  and overall visitor(Combining all visitor from all social media pages)of the company. Also there are week start timestamp and week end timestamp since I am receiving data on weekly basis. 

Website_Visitor,       Overall_Visitor,     Week_start_tms,     Week_end_tms

30%,                                     60%,                           12/29/2022,               01/04/2023

70%,                                     20%,                           01/05/2023,                 01/11/2023

43%,                                    10%,                            01/12/2023,                 01/18/2023

87%,                                    78%,                           01/19/2023,                 01/23/2023


The requirement is I need to show Website visitor and Overall visitor in KPI's and above there should be 3 filter FY, Month and Quarter. I have achieved this but using single timestamp column i.e Week_end_tms.  but There is one more filter that need to added that is date range picker. So requirement for this is when only single date is selected  for example 29th Dec 2023, KPI's showing '-'. Ideally it should 30% and 60%.For Dates selected in particular range of end_tms and start_tms its showing correct output . This is an urgent requirement please if you could help me with this. 




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Creator III
Creator III

could you use


this would cover the Week_start_tms  ?