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On "Always One Selected Value" and dynamic defaults in Qlik Sense

This is something that has been asked before, but I'm a bit stumped on solutions, so I wanted to throw it out into the open and possibly get some helpful ideas/feedback...

In Qlik Sense, we can set dynamic default selections in a field using a formula-based search and a default bookmark. However, these do not appear to work on fields that have Always One Selected Value enabled. Previous posts in this space, such as , suggest methods which unfortunately don't seem to work when I apply them. Likewise, the possible workaround of disabling "Always one selected", clearing the field, and then saving a bookmark without that selection is mostly unhelpful; it simply results in the first value in the field (sorted ascending) being selected.

This poses a bit of a problem, particularly when the desired default for a "Always One Selected Value" field is typically the most recent date / month / period. As we can't seem to override the previously-selected value using a Default bookmark, and the forced "Always One Selected" is always the first value sorted ascending (meaning the oldest date/month/year), I have yet to find a solution that works within Qlik Sense's native capabilities. Meanwhile, some extensions can work around this issue to some extend by forcing a fake "Always one selected value" without enabling the native version, but this has to be done on a per-sheet level, is potentially confusing to users, impacts performance, and requires using said extensions in the first place.

So far, the only alternatives I've found are extensions or disabling "Always One Selected" and adding calculation conditions to every object, but the latter option is a bad look coming from QlikView, where there was no problem with One Selected Value and defaults (thanks to triggers). Unfortunately, ideas posted about fixing this issue have not been considered by Qlik (they're all "Collecting feedback" and have been for years), so it seems unlikely that a native solution will become available anytime soon.

With all that said, has anyone had any luck with either getting defaults set on Always One Selected Value fields to select the latest date/month/period? Has anyone found a good alternative to this? Does anyone have any ideas that might help  for the scenario where exactly one period needs to be selected at a time, but we'd like the default to be the most recent one?

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