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Qlik Sense | Percentage change based on a period

Hi Everyone ,

Can I get your help related to this 


The requirement is so see % change over revenue (Field is Amount) over time. In this case the period taken is at week level.
So for week 50 , the requirement is to show % change in revenue compared to previous week , broken down by another dimension (Field is Segment).

If the further segregation by segment was not required  , above() function would have worked perfectly here. 
But in this case , it will take the first bar as reference for above() values and calculate



Its calculating difference based on the segment fields , but the requirement is to have all 4 bars comparing values to previous period.

Also is there a way to plot the amount per week - amount for one specific week ?

Sum(Amount)-sum({$<Week={'46'}>}Amount)              but this doesn't seem to work

Thank you,

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