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Contributor III

Reference Line - Average


I have a bar chart and each bar is a customer and the height of the bar is a custom measure that calculates the % of sales (user selects a product group and can see what % of each customers sales are made up of that product group). The calculation limits the results to customers with at least $5k in sales.

I am trying to create a reference line that shows the average across all of the customers. Not the total average (total product group sales / total sales) but the average of the % of sales across the customers. 

My custom measure is:


sum({<Year={"$(=max(Year))"}, ProductGroup=>}

I have tried wrapping the whole calculation in avg(aggr( but can't seem to make that work. Any ideas on how I can get the reference line calculation that I'm looking for?

Thank you

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Not sure, but may be you need this

Avg(TOTAL Aggr(
If(Sum({1<Year = {"$(=Max(Year))"}>} Sales) > 5000,
Sum({$<Year = {"$(=Max(Year))"}>} Sales)
Sum({<Year = {"$(=Max(Year))"}, ProductGroup>} Sales)
, 0)
, Customer))