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Contributor III

Search and filter on a measurement field


I have table which has a statu field that shows zero (0) or 1 depending on the values of the measures on other fields on the same table. It is someting like that


Now, user wants to search and select values 1 on this statu field. The problem is qlik sense does not show search option on measures. What should I do?

Regards, Ozcan

NOTE: I do not want to calculate measures during the load.

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@ozcano Can measure be calculated dimension with Aggr()? So that, you can have search icon in Dimension? 

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It doesn't make sense to select values in the measure column because measure consists of multiple dimension fields for example lets take a simple measure - Count({<Year = {2023}>}ClientID). You got two fields involved in this measure Year and ClientID so making selections in the measure field wouldn't just a selection of values, it has got other dimension values involved.

If possible create new field in the script but it depends on weather your data model suits it or not.

I would rather sort measure values and then make selections in the dimension column whereever I see '1' in the desired measure.

Contributor III
Contributor III


Still I expected it to do that using the context, or maybe even from already calculated values