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Sense Server 2.1 File Storage Locations

Hello everyone,

I run & Manage a Sense Server 2.1 system. As I learned more about Sense I found that the Sense server apps are stored locally within the C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense directory.

Is there any way to change this? I don't want to move the "Qlik Sense Server" core system files off the server where it resides. But I want to change the default file storage location for apps and supporting data files to a different drive on the server or to a UNC \\networkfileserver\folder type path.

Is there a setting for this that I missed? Or is this not yet a feature? The C:\ of my windows server is not very big and I don't want to re-deploy or have to scale out to a large HDD for the C:\ just for sense files.

Or is there a possibility of creating a "Data Connection" where at the end of a sense app script, it saves all its files, any .QVDs and the app itself to a specific location using the scripted location?

thank you all.

-Travis Dirmyer

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You can change it.  Right now the steps are manual and its very finicky. I've tried to put detailed notes below on how to do it.  Please follow the directions carefully. This will be easier shorty in the product

Stop the Qlik Sense Engine Service from the windows control panel \ services
Locate the “C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Engine\Settings.ini” and delete the settings.ini file
Restart the engine service – this should  recreate a blank settings.ini file and it will have the right permissions and file ownership
Stop the engine service
Open notepad but you MUST open it while being logged into the machine as the same account/user that is  running the QLik Sense Engine services
(another user with admin rights is not enough) - so either log on as the service account or right click and “run as”
Paste in the following 2 lines AND hit return after the 2nd line in order to add a 3rd blank. Save the file:

[Settings 7]


Move all the apps from the original location to the new - don’t leave a copy of the old files in the original location or it might give you a false result when you test
Restart the engine service
Try to open apps, if they say object not found then it hasn’t worked its looking for files in the old place.  If all is good, then create an app and it should go to the new location.
Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II


I already have this solution in place. Very helpful!

But I am looking for a way to change the Content Library folders as well.

I have created another post in the Community, would you please check this out?

Thank you!


As an addendum - 2.2 now offers a way to change the default Apps folder location directly in the QMC under the QMC -> Configure System -> Engines-> <Engine> ->  App Storage Location property.  No need for an INI in 2.2


Hi Travis,

Can you please tell me what is the folder structure you followed in qlik sense server. I am looking for folder structure to keep apps and Qvds.