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Service Now Connection


We have been trying to use an ODBC connection to pull data from our Service Now instances but havent had any luck.

I am wondering if there is a better way to pull data from Service Now and what worked for others in the community.

Also, is Qlik planning on creating a native connector to Service Now?

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Partner - Champion III

‌I have used Qlik REST Connector to do that so that is a valid solution. You'll then have to use ServiceNow's REST API.

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Thanks Petter. I tried using the REST Connector when I originally posted here. At that time there was a bug, at least on the enterprise edition. the REST Connector screen/UI was not loading right.

This was fixed in the latest release and I am now using the REST Connector-Service NOW REST API's to extract my data.

Although, I am having to create separate connections for each Service Now Table, since endpoints were created for each table.

Did you have to do the same? or were you able to figure out a better way?