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Contributor II
Contributor II

Set Analysis with Master Measures

Hello all,

We created master measures for calculating our group Turnover Current Year and Previous Year that is generated in 3 countries.

The idea is to use this data in a dashboard with 3 KPI's, 1 for each country.

Is it possible to use these Turnover Master Measures and add a set expression such as {<Location={'USA'}>}?

The idea is not to add or amend the master measures, but to use the existing ones with a set expression.

Can someboy help me with this.

Many thanks,


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Hello, I think it is not possible to use master measures within the set analysis.

It must be created from scratch. 

Contributor III
Contributor III


not sure, if this will solve your problem, but you can use master measures with set expressions since August 2022 release.

Just check the documentation about outer set expressions:

best regards! 🙂

Partner - Champion
Partner - Champion

Hi @PLE ,

Yes  from the August 2022 release you can add set expressions to tweak existing master measures, take a look at this thread:

I hope it can helps.

Brest Regards