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Contributor II
Contributor II

Share button limitations


I'm testing the share button under the Dashboard bundle. It's seems only to work partly. I'm testing it by choosing year and month. However when I open the link only the year is correct, the month is lost.

Is the issue that the link is to long or is it something else:

Thanks in advance. Best regards:

Nils Jakob

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I have the same issue. As far as i can tell, any selections on dimensions that are numbers (int or decimal) are not used when using the share button.

The link is looking right, but the selection is not applied. E.g.  a selection on year in 2016-2017 and carrier material in AISI 316TI and Alu-flex  will result in the below as part of the link:

But when pasting this link into a new browser window, only the carrier mat filter will be applied.

Best regards

Lars Bertelsen