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Stop Reload-Task when file is open

Hi Community,

I have a question regarding reload tasks in Qlik Sense. I do have a couple of use cases where I use local excel files to include specific data into my app that has to be updated manually every month. At the moment, when I start the reload task while this excel file is still open on my laptop it will still be successful. Is there an option to stop the reload task automatically when the file is still open? 

Thank you very much for your support!

Kind regards,

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No. Qlik Sense does not identify if a file is currently in use before attempting to utilize it, what could happen is a reload failure if you get a lock on the file, such as while saving your edits, right when QS is trying to read from it.

Now, this is not very likely since unless the file is particularly large the save times during which the file is locked would be relatively short in most cases. If you wish to mitigate this you can write a retry loop such as we advise for dealing with QVD issues.

During STORE command the File Save occasionally fails 

But generally, it just means that the reload task will pick up the modified data when next it runs after you've saved whatever manual changes are needed

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