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Using extended sheets with iframes

I am trying to use an extended sheet in an iframe. The iframe gets cuts off at the usual spot where the sheet would have ended if it was not extended. Is this a bug? Or is there a way to render extended sheets via iframes? Thanks.SampleExtended.png

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Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Hi there,

When I use iframes with the sheets in response mode it goes crazy and can become unpredictable on various screen sizes. To stop the cut off you need to make your iframe scrollable. This will make the extended sheet scroll.

<iframe src="/default.asp" width="200" height="200" scrolling="yes">

The best approach is to change the sheet to custom in sheet size, then spacing to narrow and set your height and width in px. Have Iframes up to 4000 px height. I still make some iframes the same size as my sheet size some not. I make those scrollable.

This works well. Good Luck!
Creator II
Creator II

@seanbruton , so there is no way to default the iFrame of an extended Qlik sheet to full size to eliminate vertical scrolling? Our users won't like the scroll bars because it is confusing to have iframe vertical scroll nested within the overall web page vertical scroll