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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Weighted average.

Hi. I want to give different weight to salarys from two different companies. And calculate the average. However my expression doesnt work. 


I compare my salary levels (MySalaryLevels) with the market, and in the expression below it works fine with avg(MarketSalaryLevels).



However when I try to get the weight by:


(Avg([MySalaryLevels])/avg (TOTAL <IPE,Country> [MarketSalaryLevels]*Weight) )


Then I dont get the expected value. I want the MarketSalaryLevels to get summed up like:


If marketcompany A: salary 50 000, weight: 50 %. Company B: Salary 40 000, weight 50 %. Then that avg expression should give 45 000.) Country and IPE are 2 dimensions that allways will be selected. Job function is a third dimension which also will be selected. (This column is hided until these are selected)


Any suggestions on how to correct the formula according to my expectations?

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