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Contributor II
Contributor II

Writeback table - how to best configure drop downs when you have many options


I am trying to create a writeback table in Qlik sense, but encountering an issue and looking for guidance on the best way to configure.

I have several columns that I would like to be drop downs. The issues are:

1) I want the option to be able to select multiple options

2) There are many options to select (in some cases up to 30)

For (1) I know I can use multiple choice, but in circumstances where there are up to 30 options to choose from, that ends up creating massive, clunky rows in my table. Is there any way around this to allow for multi selection in a more aesthetically pleasing way than what is displayed below?


For (2) is there any way to configure my options in say the Data Load Editor or as a variable so that they are easier to create and update rather than painstakingly creating each option one by one on the front end (as seen below)?


I have looked into alternative writeback extensions in qlik, but it is unclear if they would also have a work around for this.

This is a consistent situation across many of my columns so I would appreciate any guidance!

Thank you!!

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