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Contributor II
Contributor II

how to export qlik sense data in xml or Json format

Hello everyone ..

I would like to know how to export/extract data in XML or Json format..

and is there an extension that can help me do it? 

I've been searching and trying different methods but none worked..


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Contributor II
Contributor II


What I'm trying to ask is how to export data from Qlik sense in XML format? Or how to export data from a chart in XML format?

Can anyone assist me please 


You may try to store the data already within the script as xml with something like:

store MyTable into MyTable.xml (qvx);

I'm not familiar enough with the Sense UI to give a hint to a direct possibility but with the ExportData method it should be possible. In the help is only an example about exporting to xlsx but in reality this is an ooxml export so that you could adjust it appropriate:

Export the data of a generic object ‒ Qlik Sense for developers

Beside this I could imagine that there are already any extensions which may do the job and/or which may shortcut the efforts.

- Marcus  

Contributor II
Contributor II

Hello Marcus, Thanks for your response 

Unfortunately ExportData method didn't work, also the extensions are out dated and didn't work too..

Still trying to export/extract in XML or Json

so if anyone can assist me please do!