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only Sum of Sales Country > 1.000.000 - KPI

I tried to addust following formula from the help section.

sum( {$<Customer = {“=Sum({1<Year = {2007}>} Sales ) > 1000000”}>} Sales )

I would only sum Positiontotal of each Country where the total Sum 2017 is above  1.000.000

sum({$<[Countries.Country Name] = {"=Sum({$<[Invoices.Date.autoCalendar.Year] = {2017}>}[Positions.Positiontotal Basecurrency] > 1000000"}>} [Positions.Positiontotal Basecurrency])

Unfortunatley i got Zero as result.

I tested the formla as a KPI

Could someone help me?

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There is a bracket missing:

sum({$<[Countries.Country Name] = {"=Sum({$<[Invoices.Date.autoCalendar.Year] = {2017}>}[Positions.Positiontotal Basecurrency]) > 1000000"}>} [Positions.Positiontotal Basecurrency])

- Marcus

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Thank you.

Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi marcus_sommer,

I am trying to use this formula for customers  sum(sales)>5000  and 3 years of date range.

Dimension: customer 

Measure: sum({$<[Cusomer Name] = {"=Sum({$<[orderYear] = {"">=$(date(Addmonths(orderYear),-35),'DD.MM.YYYY')))<=(date(addmonths(orderYear,0),'DD.MM.YYYY'))""}>}sales) > 5000"}>} Sales)

But using formula gives only sum for selected not for 3 years data. 

Can you please help me on this error.Thanks