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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

% over 2 dimensions in heat map.

Hi. I have a heat map. On Y-axis I have Delivery-Month. On x-axis I have Customer contact-Month. 

I want to see for every delivery month, how many in % contacted during a Customer-Contact Month?

So example for deliverymonth january 2021

% of the one that got delivery in january 2021: that made a customer contact in customer-month (2021-01: 5 %, 2021-02: 10 %, 2021-03: 15 %). I created a flag that works and showing the ones with cases. And I restricted to only looks on the latest 5 months, seems to work fine too. But I dont get the numbers correct when using below expression so think I need to rewrite total.. or include aggr( ) maybe. Any suggestions?



>}distinct Order_Key)/


>} total<Case_YearMonth> distinct Order_Key)

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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

So, to clarify, what I am not sure about is how to handle that there are 2 different dimensions that I am aggregating over. It should be aggregated over so that you take all orders with casecontact for a specific Delivery-month and then distribute them over how many % of the (for example) march deliveries that contacted you in january, february, march and so on. Not sure if I made ther right total<> and if I shall combine with aggr()..