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Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

Doubt regarding extension


I would like to know how extensions integrate with Qlik sense applications. Is it not affecting the app 100% ?

In my scenario, we have a shared Qlik sense platform for multiple projects. When one app needs a new extension, we install it in non-production and test it to confirm its not affecting others streams (other projects). Is this necessary or not? Is it confirmed that if one app is not using the extension, the extension will not have any impact on that app? Or is it like, all apps will be affected as extensions are common to the environment?

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Partner - Master
Partner - Master


I guess it would really depend on the extension and what it is designed to do.

But i would say in most cases it would only effected the apps you use it on, but being the are not developed by Qlik you wouldn't get any kind of guarantee on that




Extensions are not loaded until they are used, which in the built-in client means when you open a sheet where it is used. Installing a new extension will not affect existing apps since they do not use it, but upgrading an extension might.

Erik Wetterberg