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Can QlikView and Qlik Sense be installed on the same server?

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Can QlikView and Qlik Sense be installed on the same server?

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Jun 4, 2021 12:31:35 PM

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QlikView and Qlik Sense cannot be installed in a mixed environment sharing the same host. 

See the official System requirements for Qlikview and Qlik Sense for details. 

The System requirements for Qlik Sense Enterprise states:
"It is not possible to install Qlik Sense on a machine with QlikView Server already installed."

The System requirements for QlikView states:
"It is not possible to install QlikView Server on a machine with Qlik Sense Enterprise already installed."




At a high level, there are a few concerns about the stability and supportability of a server with both Qlik Sense and QlikView installed:

  • Port conflicts
  • Resource usage
  • Installer requirements

Port Conflicts: Out of the box, both QVS inside of QlikView and the Engine inside of Qlik Sense use 4747. This can be changed in Qlik Sense, but not QlikView. Additionally, HTTPS in both products would encounter issues with the default usage of 443.

Resource usage: Both products are resource intensive. Under load each will want more CPU and RAM than may be available due to the consumption of the other. RAM can be handled by the working set limits in each product (e.g. setting the low and high to be below 50%). But this will degrade the experience of each product, assuming the total RAM isn't effectively doubled.

Installer Requirements: The Qlik Sense installer checks to see whether QlikView is installed and will terminate if found. Given this behavior, you can theoretically install Qlik Sense then QlikView and achieve a minimum level of stability. Future upgrades may run into this same blocker.



Unfortunately, there is no workaround to have QlikView or Qlik Sense installed in the same machine/server. Currently, it is best practice to have both software separated and individually installed on their own servers or machines. 

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Hi @Sonja_Bauernfeind , Andre,

What about installing Qlikview desktop in a server where we have Qlik Sense Enterprise?

The scenario is that we are using Qlik Sense SAP Report connector. SAP Report Connector is fullu developed for QLikview but only as a workaround for Qlik Sense so our team is struggling to write the script to connect to SAP Report in Qlik Sense.

What we see online is to install Qlikview desktop and let the SAP Report connector wizard available in Qlikview to generate the script and copy paste this to Qlik Sense .

Appreciate your reply on this.



Qlik SAP Connectors 

Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows 


Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @marniedc 

You can install QlikView on a server running Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows. Resource issues should not occur in your case as it doesn't sound like you'd be carrying out actual reloads (which would disrupt your Sense server).

Hope this helps!

All the best,


Hi @Sonja_Bauernfeind ,

Appreciate your reply.



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