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Change in behavior for Alternate States

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Change in behavior for Alternate States

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May 27, 2021 7:14:31 AM

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May 29, 2017 10:39:25 AM


Modification were introduced between QlikView 11.20 and 12/12.10, changing how variables are evaluated and expanded in Alternate States in documents.



QlikView 12.00 and 12.10
QlikView 12.20 (November 2017) and up

As part of Qliks continuous focus on improving reliability and stability, large parts of the code base were reviewed between QlikView 11.20 and 12/12.10. One of these focus areas was how Alternate States defined in a QlikView Documents evaluate variables, as this was something that required lots of trial and error to set up correctly and sometimes led to unreliable data visualization.

In QlikView 11.20, the variable was expanded in the first state encountered and this resulted in a random behavior when more than one alternate state was being used. Whereas in version 12 and up, the variable always belongs to a specific alternate state and this results in different behavior.

Because of this code change we encourage anyone using more than one Alternate State in QlikView documents to test those documents in the version intended to be used after an upgrade to make sure the Alternate States renders the desired outcome. With this change, Customers now have the possibility to set distinct variables for different states, adding increased functionality and flexibility.


To specify which State a variable and expression belongs to, you need to add a State definition to the object, see the below example.

vDimID=Concat(_DimensionID, ', ')
vExpID =Concat(_ExpressionID,', ')
should be modified with a reference to the Alternate State, in this example called Alt1 like so:
vDimID=Concat({Alt1} _DimensionID, ', ')
vExpID =Concat({Alt1} _ExpressionID,', ')  
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