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Checklist before performing upgrade QlikView production environment

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Checklist before performing upgrade QlikView production environment

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Mar 15, 2021 2:59:31 AM

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It is always good to do the preparation before performing an upgrade of the production environment. The checklist in this article is for helping you to reduce the risk which will bring into production by the upgrade.


QlikView any version




  1. Read the release note and system requirement of the QlikView version that you want to upgrade to.
  2. When upgrading from very early versions (such as 11.20), review: QlikView 11.20 End of Life Upgrade: Known Issues and changes in product behaviour
  3. Draw up a upgrade plan based on what is documented under Upgrading and migrating QlikView
  4. See How to Upgrade or Migrate QlikView 11.20 and later versions
  5. Draw up a rollback plan for upgrade failure based on the same documentation.
  6. Test the upgrade procedure in a Test environment
  7. Validate UI, Tasks, API works in a Test environment
  8. List out the machines that need to be upgraded in a Production environment
  9. Back up the Qliktech folder, Root folder and all of the folders you place documents in Production Environment
  10. Check parameters if you changed from default values in config file after upgrade. Sometime parameter is back to default value after upgrade.  i.e. <add key="EnableBatchMode" value="false"/> in distributionService.exe.config 
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