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Connecting Qlik Sense QRS data via REST connector

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Connecting Qlik Sense QRS data via REST connector

A common user scenario is to pull data out of Qlik Sense database into an App and do analysis. In order to do so, a good practice is to get data via QRS API using REST connector, which is shipped together with Qlik Sense.
This article shows how you can set up the connection. 


Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows , all versions


1. Create the REST connection:

  1. Add a REST connection from Hub
  2. Create an App
  3. Go to Data Load Editor
  4. Create New Connection 
  5. Choose “Qlik REST Connector
  6. Fill in the settings according to the example below.
  7. Note that you need to use the server name/FQDN instead of ‘localhost’ in the URL.
  8. In the Virtual Proxy settings, you need to keep Authentication Method as  ‘Ticket’ and for Windows authentication pattern set ‘Windows’.
  9. The value for the xrfkey can be any 16digit-long string




  1. Test the data load

After Test the connection and save the settings, now go back to the Data load editor.
Find the connection you just created, click the “Select Data” icon.



Make sure the right Response (JSON) type is selected. And also select the ‘root’ so that you can preview the data from the table you are connecting to.
Insert the script to the right place.


  1. You can repeat this and create more REST connections against different QRS API endpoints. One connection to one endpoint.


  1. You can find all supported QRS API endpoints using the API endpoint “/qrs/about/api/description”. For more information about how to use QRS API, refer to the Qlik help site Getting Started - Qlik Sense for developers.
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