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Finetuning and preparing your NPrinting 202x Deployment for use with QlikView and Qlik Sense

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Finetuning and preparing your NPrinting 202x Deployment for use with QlikView and Qlik Sense

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Jun 19, 2023 1:50:42 PM

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Jun 2, 2017 6:55:23 AM


In this webinar video, we will discuss:

  • System Resources & Requirements: Do you have enough power?
  • Best practices and preventative maintenance
  • NOTE: at 14:38, the QVF column shows 'QVW' in the rows beneath. This is a typo and should be QVF.


System resource requirements may vary from system to system.

  • The sizing information provided below should only be used as a general guide to sizing your system. There is no one-size fix all system resource solution. Please use system monitoring tools to monitor RAM and CPU usage as your NPrinting environment is deployed and grows over time.
  • Size and complexity of each individual QVF or QVW will vary and thus result in widely different in-memory consumption behavior.
  • NPrinting System resources will also need to be updated in order to scale with increased demand/usage of the NPrinting platform over time.


The sizing formula mentioned in the video has been updated as follows.


QlikView Connections:

  • [total # of logical processors on the NPrinting Engine/Server computer] x ["in-memory" ram per 'QV.exe' process in use ] = [Total Recommended Ram]

QlikSense Connections:

  • ([total # of logical processors on the NPrinting Engine/Server computer] x ["in-memory" ram per 'reporting_web_renderer.exe' in use ]) = [Total Recommended Ram]


In addition to above also ensure OS and other installed software resource requirements (ie Antivirus, MS Office etc) are met when sizing your NPrinting server/engine computer.


Please monitor your QS and QV servers and size those according to day to day activity as well as impact from NPrinting reporting connections.



Post video update: If you need to manage the number of cores/cpu processes used with NPrinting, you may do so using the following article:


NOTE: 16 CPU's or multi-threaded processes are now recommended in more recent versions of QlikView


How much RAM is consumed per application:


How to start investigating a suspected Qlik View Performance issue




How to start investigating a suspected Qlik Sense Performance issue




NPrinting Architecture, Scalability and Performance Tips: 



Q&A - Finetuning your NPrinting 17 Deployment

Q: Will NPrinting 17.4 also be available for Windows 2008 R2? (when Qlik Sense is used?)

A: Windows 2008 R2 is NOT going to be supported. Please view for the

latest system requirements


Q: Can we install NPrinting on same QDS cluster ??

A: NPrinting should be installed on a dedicated supported windows server particularly where production environments are concerned. See help pages regarding unsupported configurations


Q: Should the hardware fall into the allowlist for standard QV and QS servers?

A: Ensure that ports are open between the NP and QV and or QS server as mentioned in the presentation. Yes, you may also add the NP server to allowlist but its not necessary by default


Q: When installing NP Engine and NP Server on the same machine, do the requirements add up

A: Number of cores  or number of logical processors x "in memory" ram for each qv.exe and reporting_web_renderer.exe  process = Total Recommended Ram (plus OS and other ram resource requirements). Open task manager to view rwr.exe and qv.exe ram usage on the NP engine computer


Q: We're planing two jobs, one at 08:00 and the other one 09:00. JobA takes 4 hours - will JobB start at

A: Both jobs can run simultaneously. NP scheduler will distribute available cpu processes to task executions


Q: If we have a QV cluster and the App is already open and in memory, will the NP connection utilize the existing in memory app?

A: The NP Scheduler manages all processes including cluster connections and will use the same open connection. If new connections are needed, the scheduler will close any open QV.exe's as needed


Q: How long are you planning to support NPrinting 16?

A:  The support for NP 16 has ended as of March 31, 2020


Q: How about On Demand Nprinting?

A: NPrinting On Demand is available for QlikView and Qlik Sense.


Q: Excellent Presentation. Is it possible to send a link for this presentation?

A: Yes video link has been sent out.


Q: Hello, will we have the cycle functionality in the new version of NPrinting? Thank you

A: Cycling is available in supported versions of NPrinting


Q: Can you please talk about Section Aceess and Qlik Sense? We have users comming from LDAP Database.....But enabling section access with those users is not working. I was told by the support that all the users must be windows based. Is that true?

A: Yes all users must be windows based NTLM with active directory accounts. See for more information


Q: Is the bug of the nprinting service not releasing the QV.exe process fixed in 17.4?

A: All QV.exe and rwr.exe (reporting _web_renderer.exe) stay open in the background service and closed by the NP scheduler service.


Q: Will there be a import filter wizard in a later versions like in version 16.x

A: Recipient import process is available in the NP web console. However it is not an import wizard. See Qlik help user import for details.


Q: can we use the same NP Service Account on two NP Servers, Dev and Prod for example

A: No. This will cause disruptions of NPrinting process on one or both of your servers. A dedicated account is required for Each NP environment. See dedicated NPrinting service account article for details


Q: Will NPrinting server have a desktop client in the same way we have for V16?

A: No. However you will need to install the NP designer software on desktops which you intend to develop reports with. After installing, you can access this from the reports section of the NP web console>Reports>Edit Report button


Q: Question for 17.4: How can we trigger a NP server publish task or reload job from QS or QV QMC?

A: NPrinting APIs can be used to accomplish this


Q: Can triggers be executed by external events like QV reloads can with the EDX component?

A: NPrinting APIs can be used to accomplish this


Q: I"m running qlikview with nprinting...I've noticed that I end up with many qv.exe processes that seem to NEVER go away unless I kill them manually. Eventually my reports don't generate and don't distribute. Am I doing something wrong? How do I clean up?

A: do not kill the QV.exe's. this is normal. The NP scheduler manages the QV.exe processes and they are left in memory by default. They are closed as needed by the NP scheduler


Q: I'm currently running NP v16.  How easy is it to upgrade to Modern NPrinting?  Can I import all my reports/schedules directly into v17?

A: From Nov. 2019 and later versions NPrinting server includes the ability to migrate NP 16 projects


Q: Is there a Test Button to verify a distribution like it was easily possible in NP16?

A: Test feature does not exist. Use publish task option to limit the audience for distributed reports during test distributions


Q: What is the outcome of not removing always one selected values and other non-supported features from qwv files?

A: unexpected inaccurate report output results, failed report execution and fail metadata reloads


Q: Do you have rollback function on app's, to get back to previous version?

A: Backup and restore utility included in NPrinting. Recommend taking regular backups in the event a rollback is needed


Q: what about the low performance on reading metadata on large QVW (about 20 GB in memory?

A: Copy the QVW and using the reduce feature in QlikView to reduce the copy large QVW down to a size only needed for reporting purposes. This is a common technique many of our enterprise customers currently follow. There is no 'reduce' feature in Qlik Sense but in this case perhaps setting a partial reload may help reduce large QS apps.


Q: Is it possible to set CPU affinity for Engine?  Would be nice.

A: not currently possible.


Q: basically we still need to do repository snapshot from test to prod then

A: Yes you must currently use the manual backup and restore process


Q: Hi, when the process is offloaded to QV or QS server. DO we need to consider resizing of existing of QV/QS servers?

A: Yes, it very important to evaluate the performance of your QV and QS servers using the metrics provided in this presentation and adjust QS and QV server system resources as needed. Additional system resources should be considered when using NPrinting server to connect to either or both QlikView and Qlik Sense servers.

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