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General Script Error when reload QlikView Document

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Former Employee
Former Employee

General Script Error when reload QlikView Document

When a QlikView document reload fails with  "General Script Error",  there's a few possible scenarios at play.





See this article: How To Enable QlikView Document Reload Log

1. Running out of logical memory and/or disk space
   -> Please review your machine resource
2. There's a logical error on the script, review your script
   -> Simplify the script to the essential, to find the part that might be causing the problem. Try also removing temporarily comments.
3. "General Script Errror" appears immediately after "STORE" command indicates the file to be stored in is accessed by other processes simultaneously.
   -> Please refer to article Process Monitoring - How to find locked files and the processes locking them to find out what process was locking the file.
   -> Please refer to article QlikView Folder And Files To Exclude From Anti-Virus Scanning to exclude Qlik related folders from real-time scanning.
   -> This document may also be helpful:  Avoid General Script Error in STORE command 

4. Tasks configured that both read and write to the same QVD file at approximately the same time. 
 -> Please refer to article Concurrent Read and Write from/to a QVD file may result in one of the tasks failing
Should none of these scenarios apply to the experienced issue, see if someone else has found a solution in our QlikView dedicated forum, and request first assistance there.
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