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Google sheets - How to authenticate

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Google sheets - How to authenticate

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Feb 17, 2022 8:57:41 AM

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Sep 15, 2021 5:54:16 AM

This article gives an overview of how to authenticate to Google Sheets Connector and an authentication example.
The Google Sheets API is using the OAuth 2 authentication protocol.

How to link your Google Sheets account:

  • Click on 'My Connections' (top-right menu);
  • search for the Google Sheets Connector and then click on 'Add';

A pop up window will appear like in the following image:

GS admin enabled.PNG

If you are the owner/have administrator rights to your G Suite, make sure to follow the steps provided in the notification text and allow our application. This is mainly done because some scopes our app uses are restricted and in order to fully use the blocks supplied by the Google Sheets connector we will need that allowed.


But worry not, even if you don't have administrator privileges or you don't want to allow our app in your account you can still use most of the basic endpoints provided, you will just won't be able to use the "delete spreadsheet" block.


Now that this step is decided go ahead and press the "Link connection" button and register to Google with your own username and password. Just a reminder Qlik won't have access to/store those credentials, so it's only between you and Google.

After credentials are given you should be able to arrive at this screen ( example given is for the allow flag set to "Yes" )

GS - Permissions.PNG

 By pressing the "Allow" button you should be finalizing the connection and be ready to use Google Sheets in your automations from now on.


The information in this article is provided as-is and to be used at own discretion. Depending on tool(s) used, customization(s), and/or other factors ongoing support on the solution below may not be provided by Qlik Support.


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