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How To Set Up multi-factor (MFA) without a phone

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How To Set Up multi-factor (MFA) without a phone

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May 10, 2022 3:20:13 PM

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Nov 26, 2019 4:49:53 PM

Users may prefer to use multi-factor (MFA) on a desktop client or are unable to set up MFA on a phone. This article outlines how MFA can be configured on a desktop client. 


Please install a desktop MFA of your choice. (One Login, Authy etc.)


MFA is already set up and configured on a phone. 

If you are looking to no longer use multi-factor on your phone and instead wish to use it on a desktop client, please open Account Settings > Password and Security > and RESET Multi-Factor authentication. 


MFA Password and Security.png


MFA has not yet been set up.

  1. Enter in your credentials to log into your tenant. You will be prompted with the below MFA set up. Instead of scanning the QR code, please select “Trouble scanning?”
MFA Set up multi-factor authentication.png

  1. This will then pull up a page with a code you can enter into your Desktop version of an MFA to finish set up.
MFA Set up multi-factor authentication 02.png

  1. Once the above code is entered into your Desktop MFA you will then have a MFA code you can enter to access your tenant
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