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Installing and Configuring PGAdmin 4 to access the PostgreSQL database used by Qlik Sense or NPrinting

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Installing and Configuring PGAdmin 4 to access the PostgreSQL database used by Qlik Sense or NPrinting

WARNING: Qlik cannot support direct queries and access to the underlying product's database hosted by PostgreSQL. If any issues arise for which direct queries are deemed responsible, Qlik Support will reserve the right to request that a previous working backup is restored to the system in order to bring back full operation or resolve any isolated issue(s). The steps described here in this article are only used by Qlik Support for troubleshooting purposes.

Previous versions of Sense and NPrinting came with the pgAdmin 3 tool pre-installed, but from Qlik Sense June 2017 and up, the new version needs to be acquired manually. For NPrinting pgadmin4.exe must also be installed manually. 
For access to the PostgreSQL database used by the Repository, the admin tool (pgAdmin) may need to be downloaded and installed manually. 


pgAdmin 4 or higher need to be used to access Qlik Sense database as PostgreSQL has been used from Qlik Sense June 2017



1. Download pgAdmin 4 or higher
    The software can be found on

2. Run the installation executable, and then launch the installed program as Administrator

3. Create Server
    Right click on "Servers" (pgAdmin4 >> Browser >> Servers)
    Click Create >> Server
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4. Configure "General" and "Connection"  tap

"General" tab
Name: QRS  (your preference database name)
"Connection" tab
Host name/Address: localhost (if database has been installed on local machine)
Port: 4432 (or 4992 for NPrinting)
Maintenance database*: postgres
Username: postgres
Password: The password that you set up on Qlik Sense or NPrinting installation.

*Note that the maintenance database name may differ if this was not a standard installation and changes were made during setup. Consult your configuration file if necessary. 
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5. To access the Sense Repository information, navigate to: (NPrinting's Database follows similar structure)

Servers >> "database server name" (e.g QRS) >>Database >> QSR >> Schemas >> public >> Table >

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