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Internal inconsistency, type CPV error in QlikView Desktop after downloading QVW from Access Point

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Digital Support

Internal inconsistency, type CPV error in QlikView Desktop after downloading QVW from Access Point

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Nov 3, 2020 12:59:06 AM

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When users download applications from the access point, they get an error message when the application is opened. Message: "Internal inconsistency, type cpv, detected." 

Internal inconvistency, type CPV, detected.png



Not enough time allocated for the file creation and transfer to the client.  The previous setting for this was the QvsTimeout in the QVWS Config.xml file located in ProgramData\QlikTech\WebServer.



The way to resolve it is to use increase the SocketTimeOutInSeconds value:

With the QlikView Web Server:
  • Stop the QlikView WebServer Service
  • Navigate to C:\Program Files\QlikView\Server\Web Server
  • Open QVWebServer.exe.config
  • Inside the <appSettings> section, add the following key (if not already present): 
    <add key="SocketTimeOutInSeconds" value="600"/> (Note: the value can be adjusted up or down to meet specific requirements for the environment)
  • Save the file, and start the QlikView WebServer Service
For IIS and QlikView Settings service:
  • Stop the QlikView Settings Service
  • Open the Internet Information Services Manager
  • Navigate to the Default website, or the website to which the QlikView components were installed 
  • In the centre pane, navigate within the ASP.Net area to the Application Settings applet and open it by double-click
  • In the far right pane, click the Add link
  • In the resulting dialogue add the SocketTimeOutInSeconds setting to the Name field and set the value to the amount of time needed in the environment and click OK
  • It may be necessary to do an IISRESET via Admin Command dialogue
  • Start the QlikView Settings Service
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