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Leveraging APIs on Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS

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Digital Support

Leveraging APIs on Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS

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May 10, 2022 12:01:03 PM

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Dec 9, 2020 4:24:15 AM

This session covers:

  • What APIs can do for you
  • Using API keys
  • Integrating objects in apps
  • What to do when things go wrong



Qlik Dev (Qlik Developer Tool)
How to create a mashup in Qlik Sense Enterprise on SaaS
How to Embed a Chart in an iFrame
Qlik Branch
Qlik Community


Q & A:

Q: How much does qlik-cli cost? Is consulting required?
A: qlik-cli is provided free of charge, and supported by Qlik Support. May you find any defect in the tool, please feel free to report it to Qlik Support.

Q: How does the qlik-cli authenticate with the cloud APIs?
A: It will use an API key to authenticate. Once you have installed qlik-cli, run the command "qlik context init" and input your tenant URL and the API key.

Q: If I'm authenticating with an API key, how do I access a CSRF token?
A: CSRF token is only needed for requests that do alter data (POST/PUT/DELETE) and for code running in a browser. Currently, we do not support the use of API keys for authentication for applications running in a browser.
When it comes to fetching the CSRF token for when you use interactive login, an example can be found at the link below.
However, most of the time the Qlik APIs will take care of that and the developer will not need to care about it.
Q: How do l insert Tabs Sections in the Script File that will be recognised by the data load editor ?
A: The syntax is: ///$tab NameOfMyTab
This will create a new tab named "NameOfMyTab"

Q: Is this API access available with non-Cloud versions of Qlik, like Qlik Sense Enterprise for Windows ?
A: Qlik Sense Enterprise for Windows has its own set of APIs for administrative tasks. A big percentage of the APIs for front end, such as the capability APIs are common to Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows and Qlik Sense SaaS.

Q: Does pipeline stuff count as admin, i.e. do UI, moving data along
A: No, these will need to be performed with the javascript API or Engine API (JSON-RPC)

Q: Is the qlik-cli only available in SaaS or also in an on premise environment?
A: The tool qlik-cli, provided by Qlik R&D is only available for SaaS environments.
There was a tool of the same name, and that is now renamed Qlik Cli for Windows, that can be used for Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows.
This provides similar functionalities. However, please note that it is third-party and not supported by Qlik.


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