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Limitation: "Export Data" functionality in Qlik Sense doesn't export Total Row.

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Digital Support
Digital Support

Limitation: "Export Data" functionality in Qlik Sense doesn't export Total Row.

Presently, the "Export Data" functionality in Qlik Sense doesn't export Total Row from a table. 


All Qlik Sense Versions.




Qlik has previously received feedback on this feature and recorded the request for future review.  For up to date information and to express you would like the Feature implemented please reference Export total straight table to Excel and When Exporting from a QlikSense Straight Table Totals should be kept . For legacy Feature Requests please contact support at referencing this article.




The reported issue is a known limitation in Qlik Sense. There is a design decision to only show data when exporting to excel. However, there is an investigation about changing the behaviour and showing the total in a future version but it is not prioritized in our current plans because it requires changing different components in the Qlik Sense engine.

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Creator III
Creator III

this post is dated 2017

we are now in sep 2020

this problem exists even longer

so what gives?

when are you gonna fix this (working as designed) thing?

 i wonder who was the designer and what ware their thoughts on this thing

i can understand if someone wishes not to have the totals exporting to excel, but many others do

so at least give an option

one thing for sure

i ain't gonna get this designer to design anything for me


Contributor III
Contributor III

You can use the LogiExport extension to achieve this functionality and much more.

Use the "Add totals row" function.

Read more here:


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