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Migrating Qlik Sense Enterprise Like a Boss

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Digital Support
Digital Support

Migrating Qlik Sense Enterprise Like a Boss

In this Webinar, we covered how to approach a Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows migration.

The session covers:

  • How to Back-Up and Restore
  • Managing Certificates
  • Potential Pitfalls
  • Automation Options
  • If assistance is needed, Qlik Consulting would need to be engaged. Qlik Support cannot provide walk-through assistance with server migrations outside of a post-installation and migration completion break/fix scenario.



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Q: Is it possible to migrate from a standalone installation to a clustered one? 
A: Yes. Once the Central Node has been moved to a new host, additional Rim nodes can be added as usual through the QMC. 

Q: What about the personnal objects created by users (sheets, bookmarks, ...) ?  Are they included in the QSR backup ? 
A: All user objects as well as base sheets are included both in the Apps themselves as well as in the QSR. 

Q: Is this possible to migrate one repository to another server and merge the repository with another one? 
A: Not through the procedure outlined in this webinar. If your goal is to merge content from multiple sites, or seamlessly migrate content, I recommend reaching out to your Account Manager and discuss Qlik Mission Control platform. 

Q: Would the steps given here change if postgres is installed on a stand-alone server?
A: The only steps that would change would be the backup/restore for the DB itself, as this would have to be performed locally on the DB host. Additionally, if the DB location has changed, the QRS connection strings will have to be updated via QlikSenseUtil. 

Q: Is it necessary to have the same release on both servers before migrating ? Or is there compatibility between versions of QlikSense ? 
A: You can restore a database from a previous version on a newer Qlik Sense release and the system will update the internal objects automatically, however the reverse is not possible. It is recommended to perform the upgrade in place, before migrating the server. 

Q: Is it possible to restore without certificate ? 
A: Yes, Trust Root and Qlik Client certificates can be recreated from scratch, however as mentioned during the call, all internal metadata values that were previously encrypted, such as data source connection strings, would have be updated via the QMC by re-entering the connection password and saving. 

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Need your input please 

We have two isolated different Qliksense environments, both are single node servers only.

Env1 and Env2,  now we want to combine both environment to one single Environment lets call Env3 so we don't have the burden of maintaining two different environments.

Could you please suggest us how to do it ?





Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @raj_qlik9 

Combining these would mean migrating over apps and other customisations from one environment to the other as you cannot migrate one environment "ontop" of another one as it would simply overwrite the other one.

If you require direct assistance to do so, I would recommend getting in touch with our Consulting Services.

Though you are more than welcome to post about your query in our Deployment forums as well to see if other Qlik Sense administrators have previously done something similar as what you are looking to do.

All the best,

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