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NPrinting API Setup Requirements

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NPrinting API Setup Requirements



  • "HTTP protocol error 403 (Forbidden): The server refused to fulfill the request."

  • Beginning February 2020, Google Chrome 80 manages the SameSite cookie differently. Qlik NPrinting February 2020 SR 1 release supports this new configuration on both HTTP and HTTPS connections.

Setup Requirements - QlikView

  • Ensure the Qlik rest connector equal or greater than v1.3 but lower than Rest Connector v2.10 is installed on the computer that you are running the QVW reload from. Otherwise download and install 2.11 version (or higher) of the Rest Connector
  • The QvRest Connector software must be installed on the NPrinting Engine/Server computer where the QV desktop is installed.

Setup Requirements - Qlik Sense

  • Older Qlik Sense versions: Qlik Sense April 2019 is necessary to leverage defect fixes in QV Rest Connector v2.11. (Lower versions of QS but no less than Feb. 2018 Qlik Sense, can be use but only if they contain QVRestConnector 1.3)
  • Newer Qlik Sense versions: To bypass a number of defect issue in the rest connector, upgrade to June (SR 1) or later (preferably September 2020 Qlik Sense) to leverage defect fixes in the rest connector that directly affect NPrinting. Your load script will also need to be updated as per

Setup Requirements - QlikView and Qlik Sense

  • Ensure you have current/supported versions of NPrinting and Qlik Sense installed
  • In the NPrinting Web Console under 'Admin'>'Users', check the "domain account" field and ensure you have a windows domain user account (NP domain service user account) mapped to NPrinting User user account for use with NPrinting API's. This NP account must have also have the NPrinting 'Administrator' role assigned to it.
  • The domain account must be a member of the local administrators group on the NP server (use the existing NPrinting domain service user account).
  • The domain account that is setup in the previous point must also be used for the respective GET and POST connection configurations (use the NP service account)
  • Ensure that you inserted valid rest GET and POST connection strings into your load script. See How to create NPrinting GET and POST REST connecti... - Qlik Community - 1832298 
  • In order to accept POST calls from the Sense server, you MUST add the Qlik Sense and or QlikView server hostname address among the NPrinting Trusted Origins.
  • The host name format in the NPrinting 'Trusted Origins' should be the same format as the proxy address used in setting up NPrinting connections to Qlik Sense apps
  • Rest Compatibility with QV and QS can be found here:



*The Qlik Rest connectors are not supported for use where kerberos authentication is present. See details here: Feature Request: Qlik REST connector should be able to support connections to server with Kerberos a...

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