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NPrinting Support Case Submission First Response Questions

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NPrinting Support Case Submission First Response Questions

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Mar 8, 2023 12:47:40 PM

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May 25, 2022 2:26:30 PM

Thank you for contacting the Qlik Support team!

In order to continue processing this case, please provide the following additional information:
We will need this additional information in order to accurately and thoroughly investigate the issue.

Please forward at your earliest convenience the following information.

  • The version of NPrinting that you have installed in this format. NPrinting May. 2022 SRx
  • If QlikView, is the version of QlikView Desktop installed on the NP server/engine the same version as the QV Server? Which version is in use. Show in this format: QV May. 2022 SRx
  • If Qlik Sense, which version and patch is in use? Show in this format: QS November 2022 SRx
  • Technical details of the NP, QS or QV host server/machines, NPrinting Designer Desktop (where applicable) including:
  • Are you upgrading or installing and configuring NPrinting for the first time? Perhaps a new TEST environment? Or is this an existing Production installation?
  • When did you first notice the problem? Has this worked before?
  • What type of report are you attempting to execute?
  • Has there been a recent change in the environment, performed an Upgrade or Migration on your system
  • Can you describe specific steps to help us reproduce this behavior?
  • Send us a video or screen grab that demonstrates the behavior
  • Any troubleshooting steps taken up to this point in an attempt to resolve the issue


In the meantime, please have a look at the following resources which may also assist in helping to resolve the issue.

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