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NPrinting and Qlik Sense On Demand troubleshooting

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NPrinting and Qlik Sense On Demand troubleshooting

First step in troubleshooting is to ensure requirements are met

Most common issues:

"403 forbidden" or "user has no access to the resource"

  • Map Domain User Account to NPrinting User Account via the NP web console
  • Log into NPrinting first with Windows Authentication to start an NTLM session (NPrinting security: email address and password will not work) .
  • Next, accept the certificate before attempting to run a Qlik Sense report. Report must be executed in the same browser as the NP web console. (Note that if using chrome or firefox, you may not see an accept certificate prompt).


domain user account field entry.PNG

  • Ensure the following role permissions are assigned


Trusted Origin is missing: (a Trusted origin  is the URL address of the Qlik Sense QMC/Hub or QlikView Access Point server from which NP On Demand reports are accessed from)

Solution: See  instructions here: Adding a Trusted Origin 

NOTE: This must be done if you have one or more than one URL that points to your Qlik Sense hub. Each hub alias address must be added as a trusted origin

On Demand Errors:

"Server access blocked by server", "Failed to get data from external resource" and "unable to connect to server", "No connection to NPrinting Server":

  • In the On Demand custom object, change the connection path to the NP server so it uses the FQDN of the domain the NP server is a member of ie:
  • Going forward, use the FQDN path to login to NPrinting web console before accessing the Qlik Sense hub in a separate tab of the same browser
  • When accessing the Qlik Sense hub, please ensure to use the FQDN of the Qlik Sense hub server as well ie:
  • Update all bookmarks and shortcuts used to access 1. the NPrinting server then 2. the Qlik Sense hub so that the addresses used are fully qualified domain paths

Note: mynpserver and myqliksense server are "computer names" of these respective servers and not friendly URL alias names.


The following pages contain additional troubleshooting articles and Qlik Help pages :


To bypass the second log on request when accessing the Qlik Sense hub directly to generate NP reports,

  • NPrinting Windows Authentication and How to Resolve Second Login Request. You also need to modify your internet options>local intranet>custom security settings>User Authentication>Logon to use "automatic logon with current username and password" for the NPrinting service user account
  • Or you may choose to secure the NPrinting Web Console with a correctly configured 3rd party certificate. (Ensure that all servers and computers connecting to the NP server have the same trusted root certificate installed).
  • You may follow the self service related links in the section directly below or contact Qlik Professional services through your Qlik Account manager to assist with configuring third party certificates and securing the NPrinting Web Console.

See Certificate Configuration information below:

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