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Qlik Cloud Services: Service Account Owner and Tenant Admin FAQ

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Qlik Cloud Services: Service Account Owner and Tenant Admin FAQ

This FAQ provides a general understanding of Service Account Owner and Tenant Admin for Qlik Sense Business and Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS subscriptions.

What is a Service Account Owner?

  • A Service Account Owner (SAO) is the only user who has admin rights to manage Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS and Qlik Sense Business subscriptions on my Qlik portal (e.g. subscribe, renew, upgrade/downgrade number of users, access to personal information, and subscription details, payment details and invoices).

Relevant resources:

How to Access My Qlik Portal
Managing Your Subscription in My Qlik

Who is the default Service Account Owner?

  • For subscriptions purchased through Qlik Sales or via a Qlik Partner:
    The default Service Account Owner is the Sold To contact email address on the quote linked to your purchased order. If you don’t know who the Sold To is, please reach out to your dedicated Qlik Sales Representative or Qlik Partner.
  • For subscriptions purchased directly from My Qlik portal:
    The default Service Account Owner is the email address linked to the Qlik Account you have used to purchase your subscription online on my Qlik Portal. If you can’t remember the email address linked to your Qlik Account, see How to create a case to contact Qlik Support.

Is the Service Account Owner also the Tenant Admin?

  • The Service Account Owner is the Tenant Admin by default. One exception is if the Tenant Admin was already changed in the past to someone else (see: Managing tenant admins).

Can I change the Service Account Owner?

  • Yes, you can change the Service Account Owner(SAO) associated with your purchased subscription.

How to change the Service Account Owner (SAO)?

  • The change is a manual process and requires you to contact Qlik Support (see How to contact Qlik Support). When raising such a request, please make sure to provide the below information:

    • Reason for change
    • Old email/New email
    • Subscription ID/License key
    • Tenant URL

Please do the following before requesting the change:

  • Advise NEW SAO to register for a Qlik account
  • Advise NEW SAO to log in at least once to
  • Advise OLD SAO to transfer the Tenant admin rights to NEW SAO

When changing the Service Account Owner, does the Tenant Admin automatically change?

  • No, the Tenant Admin will not change. If a change of Tenant Admin is needed, the current Tenant Admin will need to invite the new Tenant Admin and give him/her Tenant Admin Role in the Management Console. It is always recommended but not a requirement to assign two Tenant Admins per subscription. If one Tenant Admin leaves the company, the other one will still be able to administrate the tenant. If there is only one Tenant Admin who has left the company, please contact Qlik Support for further assistance (see How to contact Qlik Support)

    Additional Note:

    If the old Tenant Admin stored apps in his/her personal space, it is important for the new Tenant Admin to do either (a) or (b):
    1. Update who is the apps’ owner (See Changing app owners Changing app owners)
    2. Publish and share apps on a shared space (See Working in shared spaces)

Areas that are particularly sensitive when you remove a user:

  • All private content on published apps will be lost. There is no API method to transfer ownership
  • The connections created by the OLD SAO will be deleted and this will have to be recreated.
    • All data connections with credentials. These will all need to have their credentials updated once the data connection ownership is transferred

How to change the Tenant Admin?


Does the Tenant Admin need to consume a Professional or Analyzer user?

In Qlik Sense Business (QSB):
Yes, every user that logs in automatically consumes a Professional user. However, if all users are already consumed, you can still invite a new user and make that user Tenant Admin. The new tenant admin will be able to access the tenant URL without consuming a user and will have access to the Administration menu, but will not have access to create/view apps unless you reassign a Professional user.

In Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS (QSE SaaS):

If all users are already consumed:
You can still add a new tenant admin who will be able to login and access the Administration menu but who will not have access to create/view apps unless you reassign a Professional (create/view access) or Analyzer user (view access only).

If you still have users available:
You can add a new tenant admin who will automatically consume a professional/analyzer user, unless you switch off Dynamic license assignment. When switched off, the new tenant admin will only have access to the tenant URL and Administration menu but will not have access to create/view apps.
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