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Qlik NPrinting On Demand With Qlik Sense, including Requirements

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Qlik NPrinting On Demand With Qlik Sense, including Requirements


NPrinting On Demand with Qlik Sense


NPrinting Qlik Sense Connection Requirements must be fully implemented before proceeding:

Limitations and Known Issues to be aware of:

Qlik Sense November 2018 or higher supported versions must be installed

  • Qlik Sense November 2018 or higher must be installed. The first iteration of a supported NP On Demand reporting Custom Object is available with the version. (We strongly recommend Qlik Sense and NPrinting June 2020 or later which includes many critical On Demand custom object fixes).
  • NPrinting must be fully and correctly configured and working as designed
  • NPrinting user account used as the NPrinting connection identity and other NP users must be mapped to their respective Active Directory user accounts within the NPrinting Web Console
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  • NPrinting On Demand users must be assigned to a NPrinting Role with the following permissions applied:
  • Accepting the certificate is required by default: Follow the link Accepting the Qlik NPrinting web console certificate for details. If the server or client computer gets the certificate error mentioned while browsing to the NPrinting Server Web Console, then On Demand will not work. The error "Unable to connect to server". Another error may be "Failed to get data from external resource" message while editing the NPrinting Connection for the On-Demand Qlik Sense object.
  • So before executing an On Demand report or editing the On Demand connection in Qlik Sense hub, make sure to:
    • Start a new browser sessions (clear cookies and history if necessary)
    • log into the NPrinting web console first, accept the certificate if prompted
    • Update the On Demand connection and/or Execute the On Demand report
  • Ensure that the Qlik Sense Virtual Proxy UR. Qlik Sense hub or any alias used to access the Qlik Sense virtual proxy or hub is added as a "Trusted Origin" in the NPrinting Web Console.



Other configuration checks:
  • Use the target Qlik Sense server address as the NPrinting Connection Proxy address
  • Use the NPrinting service account user ID as the NPrinting Connection Identity
  • Must add the Qlik Sense proxy server address as a 'trusted origin' via the NPrinting Web Console>Admin>Settings>On-Demand
  • Create NPrinting user accounts with respective domain account information mapped to each NPrinting user account
  • Ensure each NPrinting user is made a member of the NPrinting 'User' role and ensure this NPrinting security role is 'enabled'

Note:  Newer versions of the Qlik Sense custom objects for NPrinting (April 2019 and later versions) no longer uses the f(x) expression editor in order to prevent the syntax from forming and expression via the introduction of an '=' sign before the syntax (which is NOT needed and will cause connection issues.) See the following article for details: Qlik NPrinting Apps do not display as expected with Qlik Sense On Demand Reporting Extensions

Supported Qlik Sense Central and or Virtual Proxy authentication method for use with NPrinting: NTLM

  1. Windows NTLM authentication is the required authentication method with Qlik Sense and NPrinting On-Demand. (Header authentication is not supported).
  2. JWT and SAML can be used in conjunction with NTLM as needed but NTLM is required. Virtual proxy authentication, NTLM example:
    • Authentication method: Ticket
    • Windows Authentication Pattern: Windows


  • The NPrinting server can be secured with a valid certificate. Certificates issued by a trusted root CA authority must be installed and configured for both the Qlik Sense and NPrinting server (certificates manager>local machine). The trusted root should be the same for both the NPrinting Server, NPrinting Engine if separate, the Qlik Sense servers, and the end-user computer which generating the On Demand report. To secure the NPrinting server see Installing Certificates 
  • By securing the NPrinting Web Console, it will no longer be necessary to log into the NPrinting Web Console before executing the On Demand report in the Qlik Sense hub.

If you are prompted for a secondary logon request from Active Directory, you will need to:

NOTEThis step must be done while logged on as the NPrinting service account for these settings to take effect across the enterprise.) 


Known Issues and Limitations: (See articles below)


NOTE: The above pertains to standard, out of the box configuration. Use of reverse proxy, server alias addresses etc are custom configurations and may require separate professional services to assist with advanced/custom configurations.


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