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Qlik Replicate: Log Stream tasks defect and fix (versions 2022.5 & 2022.11)

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Qlik Replicate: Log Stream tasks defect and fix (versions 2022.5 & 2022.11)

A newly designed Replication task (with default settings) reported errors in the first run:

2023-03-15T21:02:28 [STREAM_COMPONEN ]E: Replication task cannot support lobs, since log stream staging task does not [1020480] (ar_cdc_channel.c:261)
2023-03-15T21:02:28 [METADATA_MANAGE ]E: Allocating utility stream component failed [1020480] (metadatamanager.c:837)
2023-03-15T21:02:28 [METADATA_MANAGE ]E: Cannot create the source utility component [1020480] (metadatamanager.c:753)
2023-03-15T21:02:28 [TASK_MANAGER ]E: Creating Metadata Manager's utility components failed [1020480] (replicationtask.c:3893)

In general this error comes with "Replicate LOB columns" is deselected in Log Stream Staging task :

LogStream ora to Logstream Settings.png




  1. Enable "Replicate LOB columns" in Log Stream Staging task if LOB columns are needed, or see (2), (3) below.
  2. If no need to replicate LOB columns, or there are no LOB columns in the table(s) selected, then Edit Replication task and SAVE (any change is good enough, eg change Task setting --> Logging --> PERFORMANCE from INFO to Trace, SAVE, and change it back to INFO again). This operation will add the missing components implicitly.

    LogStream ora to Logstream Logging Level.png
  3. Or export/import the  Replication task by adding the missing property explicitly:

    "common_settings": {
    "support_lobs": false,
    "change_table_settings": {

Internal Investigation ID(s):

RECOB-6036, #00075812, #00054094



Replicate 2022.5   (eg PR02, PR03, PR04)
Replicate 2022.11 (eg PR03)


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