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Qlik Sense Analytic Connection (SSE) Error when reloading App

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Qlik Sense Analytic Connection (SSE) Error when reloading App

When trying to load an app that uses a server-side extension (SSE) via Qlik Sense Analytic Connection (a.k.a. Advanced Analytics Integration),  the following error is displayed in the Hub's Data Load Editor (DLE).

'<plugin><function>' is not a registered SSE function. Ensure the plugin is running and try restarting Qlik Engine.



On earlier versions, the following may be displayed instead:


grpc::StatusCode::INVALID_ARGUMENT: 'Rserve error: The method or operation is not implemented.'





This error means that a function is being called from Qlik Sense that has not been implemented in the SSE Plugin; this is generally an issue with your plugin/custom-code, or how you are calling your custom function in Qlik Sense (passing in the wrong arguments/data to your function call, for example). Note that in Qlik Sense Enterprise versions earlier than April 2018, the Engine service needs to be restarted whenever there is a change made in the Analytic Connection in QMC. In any case, restarting the Engine service and plugin process should be the first troubleshooting step to make sure the functions available via the SSE Plugin are retrieved and made available.



Verify that the SSE function being called from Sense has been implemented in your Server Side Extension.

Note: Qlik does NOT support the 3rd party software mentioned and used in this documentation. Please use them at your own discretion and, if concerned, contact the proper IT team within your company to verify the ability to use non-Qlik related software in the environment.

Note: Debugging or writing custom code is supported by the Qlik Professional Services or Presales teams. This example is provided for demonstration purposes to explain specific scenarios. No Support or maintenance is implied or provided. Further customization is expected to be necessary and it is the responsibility of the end administrator to test and implement an appropriate implementation for their specific use case.


If using the R-Plugin examples on the qlik-oss/sse-r-plugin Github repository verify that the executable version is up-to-date with the examples being used in the Qlik Sense app; don't use version 1.2.1 app examples with a version 1.0.0 plugin, for example, because the 1.0.0 plugin doesn't implement the functions used in the 1.2.1 app examples.  For this example please reference the pre-built binaries of the plugin available here in the Releases section of the repository. However, please note that the binaries should be used for troubleshooting only as pre-built versions of the binaries are not supported.

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