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Qlik Sense - Error "You do not have the privilege to read content" when trying to create Multi Cloud deployments

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Qlik Sense - Error "You do not have the privilege to read content" when trying to create Multi Cloud deployments

In order to distribute Qlik Sense applications from on-premise to SaaS, you are trying to create a new deployment through the QMC section  "Cloud Distribution"

When clicking on the "Deployment setup" you are receiving intermittently an error: 

You do not have have the privilege to read content


When checking the Hybrid Deployment Service log located in %ProgramData%\Qlik\Sense\Log\HybridDeploymentService\Trace you are seeing errors when HDS tries to fetch a license from the repository. 

397	20220217T094322.646+01:00	INFO	qlikserver1		37	domain\SVC_QS	"Request starting HTTP/1.1 GET https://localhost:5927/v1/license  "		36644		
400	20220217T094322.653+01:00	DEBUG	qlikserver1		37	domain\SVC_QS	Refreshing the license cache		36644		
401	20220217T094322.654+01:00	DEBUG	qlikserver1		37	domain\SVC_QS	Getting a license from repository		36644		
402	20220217T094322.670+01:00	WARN	qlikserver1		33	domain\SVC_QS	Could not get a license, statusCode = "Forbidden", reason = '"Forbidden"'		36644		
403	20220217T094322.672+01:00	ERROR	qlikserver1		33	domain\SVC_QS	Error when getting a license: "Response status code does not indicate success: 403 (Forbidden)."		36644		



Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows 



Log in to the server with the account running Qlik Sense services.

Open internet explorer and check the proxy configuration in settings > Internet options > connections tab > LAN settings. 

Ensure the configuration is set correctly, according to your internal IT requirements. 



Wrong proxy configuration set in the service account windows profile.


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