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Qlik Sense Script logs are deleted from ArchivedLogs location

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Qlik Sense Script logs are deleted from ArchivedLogs location

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Oct 27, 2021 8:16:36 PM

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May 28, 2018 2:45:07 AM

Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows is expected to only keep a certain number of script logs per app. This works as intended to avoid filling up disk space over time and to optimize Qlik Sense Repository performance. 
In older releases an inconsistency has been observed, where script logs are not always deleted as expected. This has since then been address (QLIK-86228).


  • Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows all versions


This behavior is controlled by the setting "MinNumberOfExecutionResultsToKeepPerTask" (from Qlik Sense February 2019 and up) or "ExecutionResultsAmountKept"  (all prior versions) located in the Repository.exe.config file (By default, the Repository.exe.config file can be found in C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Repository\ on your Qlik Sense machine.).

However, this is highly discouraged to change the default setting without being instructed to do so by Qlik Support as this may cause severe performance issues for the whole system.

The reason for that is that a reference to each of the existing script logs is stored in the Qlik Sense repository and increasing the number of logs kept will increase the size of the repository and decrease the Qlik Sense system global performance.

By default "MinNumberOfExecutionResultsToKeepPerTask" has a value of 3, which means that:

  • It will keep for each App a maximum of 3 old logs and the latest log (Totally 4 script logs)
  • The first cleaning will occur on the 9th reload of the App (MinNumberOfExecutionResultsToKeepPerTask x 3) and will remove the 5 oldest logs, leaving 4 logs. After that, always 4 logs will be kept.

NOTE: In the most recent version, you may not have the row 'ExecutionResultsAmountKept', but should have a new one: MinNumberOfExecutionResultsToKeepPerTask


Recommended workaround to keep older logs


The currently recommended workaround to keep the older logs is to use a third-party script (.bat script or else) to move the logs to another folder before they actually get deleted. Below is an example of how this could be done:

robocopy \\<domain>\QlikShare\ArchivedLogs\<FQDN_OF_RELOAD_NODE_1>\Script C:\AuditLogs\<FQDN_OF_RELOAD_NODE_1> /E /XC /XN /XO
robocopy \\<domain>\QlikShare\ArchivedLogs\<FQDN_OF_RELOAD_NODE_2>\Script C:\AuditLogs\<FQDN_OF_RELOAD_NODE_2> /E /XC /XN /XO

The frequency you should run this script it based on how frequently you reload your tasks.

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Is there a way to recover the deleted log files?

Digital Support
Digital Support

@jchacko_rxsense The deleted log files cannot be recovered. 


See if you have the snapshot of the file server of the server where the archived logs were kept. Some organizations takes snapshot of servers periodically and you can benefit from that.

Contributor III
Contributor III

@jpjust Thanks. I was able to retrieve them.

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